Sunday, June 3, 2007


Have you ever watched a batter,
Poised, and with his bat all set,
Filled with eager expectation,
And in keen anticipation
For that home run he may get?

Have you ever been an angler
Casting with your newest flies?
All the art you knew in fishing
You were trying, hoping, wishing
For a speckled beauty prize.

In the spring you'll see a robin
Gleaning straws to build a nest,
She has no idea of quitting,
And in due time she'll be sitting
With her nestlings 'neath her breast.

Life is filled with expectations
At whatever stage it be,
Youth's ambitions and romances,
Planning, scheming, taking chances
In eager expectancy.


brbiswrite said...

To the blog author, or web master: I don't understand why you don't publish any of the many comments that these poems must engender. I haven't read all of the poems, but those I have read are charming and original, and thought provoking.

By the way, there is a typo in the second line of the third stanza of "Expectancy". I believe that "next" should be "nest."

Anyway, I enjoy the poems.



Thank you, BRB, for the heads up on the typo, and for your comments.

Actually, there have been only a couple of comments and that is why there haven't been more published.

Sunshinemom said...

GAF, I am so glad I came here! This poem is simple and thoughtful. My son loves poems and I am sure he will find many such here! Thanks for visiting my blog. We saw people from Taj have come out. I hope your friend Valerie is well. Do let me know that you have heard. We are praying for the people in Hotel Trident.