Sunday, June 3, 2007


Bear with me gentle reader
If you're inclined to look,
Or perchance scan these pages
you'll find within this book;

I lack the gift good poets have
That express their thoughts in rhyme,
Or portray mental pictures
That make good poems sublime.

I also lack the talent
That bring good poets success,
But with simple inspiration
I've tried to do my best.

If there's one simple poem
That you'll enjoy and read,
Then I will be rewarded,
And be well paid indeed.


brbiswrite said...

I found this site quite by accident, and was captivated by the poems. I find it hard to believe that there are no comments about the few I have read.

I find them insightful, peaceful, and very well done.

I have a blog that not too many people read, either, but I would like to link mine to yours, if I may?

Much on the net is overly critical and negative. I find these poems very positive and refreshing.


two vegan boys said...

The poetry is beautiful. I am glad I found this site. I write poetry as well, but haven't in a while. The muse has been hiding.


Thank you, two vegan boys. I appreciate your comment. I love your site, being a 99% vegan myself, and I use sites such as yours to try and reach the last 1%.