Friday, April 6, 2007


As you stroll along the board walk
At an Easter promenade,
What a mixed conglomeration
You will see in that parade.

All the various shades and colours,
Everything in newest styles,
And the latest fads and fashions
With the quaintest nobby tiles.

Swanky suits and tailored costumes,
New creations bright and loud,
And the nifty Easter bonnets
Worn by fair sex in the crowd.

You will meet some smiling faces,
Others looking sad and long,
It all blends the combination
In this annual Easter throng.

There you'll see the blondes and brunettes
All dressed up from head to toes,
And young swains so brisk and buoyant,
In gay togs and swanky hose.

Aged pedestrians you'll encounter,
Laughing youth with buoyant spring,
Also plump and sedate madams
With wee Fido on a string.

Then you'll ruminate and ponder
As again you homeward jogs,
Easter has a deeper meaning
Than just showing off fine togs.

Easter, 1950

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