Sunday, April 15, 2007


A frail old man with faltering steps and cane
Amid a jostling crowd just off a train.

A blind news vendor by his dailies stand,
A lone prospector sifts the river sand.

An angler dozing by a purling stream,
A puffing tug boat belching clouds of steam.

Young lovers strolling down through lover's lane,
A white clad nurse easing a brow in pain.

A proud father watching his son at bat,
A sewing circle where they stitch and chat.

A peanut vendor trudging 'long the street,
And farther on, a policeman on his beat.

A toddler climbing up a dangerous stair,
A jilted maiden sobbing in despair.

Two old cronies playing a game of chess,
An old lady waiting her call to rest.

Saint, sinner, parson, people, man and wife,
They all make up this world, we call it LIFE.

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