Monday, April 9, 2007


I rambled through the wildwood
At a early morning hour,
When the dew it lay profusely
On each blossomed tree and flower.

And as my footsteps wandered
Through the valley in the dell,
I thought of the Creator
Who created all things well.

And as I stopped to listen
To the whisper of the breeze,
His presence seemed to greet me
In the beauty of the trees.

I was filled with silent wonder
As I seemed to hear Him call,
And His voice re-echoed plainly
From a nearby waterfall.

I thought I heard His footsteps
Midst the rustling of the grass,
And in fancy I beheld Him
Tinting daisies as He passed.

Lying 'neath the leafy bowers
As a bird sang near it's nest,
I thought "Surely this is Eden
With all nature at it's best."

If you wish this experience
Take my advice my friend,
Visit nature some fair morning
In the woodland or the glen.

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