Monday, April 9, 2007


"My master, I am just an old plough horse,
I toils each day and tries to do my best
To pay you for my upkeep and my food,
And for my stall where every night I rest."

"Although I am so dumb and cannot speak,
Yet I am quick to learn and understand,
It cheers me up to hear a kindly word,
Or feel the pat of a kind and friendly hand."

"Make sure my harness fit and will not chafe,
And that I am well shod and groomed each day,
Encourage me with kindly words, and I
Will do my best each day my debt to pay."

"When day is done and safely in my stall
I chew my evening meal of oats or hay,
It's then I'm filled with sweet content to know
I did my duty well again today."

"Then through the silent night I doze and sleep,
And in my dreams I see green pastures fair,
A kingdom for dumb creatures such as me
Where old plough horses graze throughout the year."

"My master when I am too old to work,
Or laid aside and gone to my last rest,
You'll think of me sometimes, a faithful friend
Who toiled for you and tried to do his best."

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