Wednesday, April 4, 2007


A man may travel through this world
From one end to the other,
He may be free from every care,
And not have any bother;
He may be some great man of state
Some noble benefactor,
But if he hasn't peace of mind,
He's just a silly actor.

He may have riches laid in store,
And living in a palace,
Have lots of friends and servants too
Who bears no ill or malice;
But if he's lacking peace of mind
He ne'er will find true pleasure,
True peace it is a gift sublime,
The world's most priceless treasure.

He may be some great bard or poet,
Or talented musician,
But if he haven't peace of mind
It will not bear fruition,
He may be wise in wisdom's lore,
With literature and learning,
But if he still lack peace of mind
His heart will still be yearning.

He may be king, have armies too,
And conquer many nations,
May revel in the spoils he won
With joyous jubilations;
But if he haven't peace of mind,
He'll have no peace, no never,
Until one day he'll disappear,
And leave this world forever.

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