Monday, April 23, 2007


If we could live just for today,
And let tomorrows cares go free;
To carry on our daily task
Just four and twenty hours there'd be.

By using one day at a time
As we our daily course pursue,
It leaves less time to fret and whine,
And life takes on a brighter hue.

The days that's gone beyond recall
Will never more return our way,
So while the present we enjoy
Let's put it to good use today.

The hours of yesterday are gone,
Tomorrow seems a long long way,
And while we fret, let's not forget
We're wasting useful hours today.

Just for today; and when each hour
Is spent in helpful things we do,
It fills us with content to know
It was well spent when day is through.

The moments fly, the hours speed on,
And soon another day is here;
By using one day at a time
There'll be none wasted through the year.

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