Sunday, April 15, 2007


Often in the summer time
When sultry heat oppress,
As we see dark clouds sublime
Rising in the west;
The cattle grazing in the glade
Seeks shelter 'neath the leafy shade.

Soon the driving raindrops splash,
And the storm clouds lower,
Then the vivid lightning flash
As the thunders roar;
All the elements on high
Seems to meet twixt earth and sky.

Soon the storm it passes on
Out towards the sea,
And the raindrops glisten bright
On each flower and tree;
Little children as before
Play around their cottage door.

And when twilight shadows creeps
O'er the evening sky,
Then the stars begin to peep,
And the night hawks fly;
When the light of day grows dim,
Song birds chant their vesper hymn.

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