Monday, April 2, 2007


The voice of spring is in the air,
And heard by those who understand,
As year by year they sees unfold
Such beauty by some unseen hand.

When old Dame Nature wakes from sleep,
She gently waves her magic wand,
And soon in budding tree and flower
Spring spreads her charm o'er all the land.

The babbling brook sweet music make'
As songbirds in the wildwood sing,
And catkins bending in the breeze
Curtsies to welcome vernal spring.

A bullfrog croaks down in the creek,
The robin builds a cosy nest,
And far and near o'er dale and hill
Earth soon will don her beauteous dress.

The echo from a waterfall,
A cowbells tinkle o'er the air,
The bleating of a little lamb
All tells us plainly; spring is here.

How wonderful Creation is
To those who sometimes steal away
From busy streets and factory's din,
To dwell with nature for a day.

Spring, 1948

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