Sunday, April 15, 2007


Lift up thine eyes and view on high
The firmament a winter's night,
The panorama of the sky
With myriad stars all shining bright.

When I survey the moon and stars
That shoot across the milky way,
I think "How vain and small is man
Compared with all this vast display."

Some unseen hand by night and day
Directs and keeps them all in place,
The sun, the moon and all the stars
While earth keeps rolling on in space.

The rainbow in the summer sky
With tinted arch and colors rare,
Displays it's brilliant hues and casts
A halo o'er our earthly sphere.

And we who tread this earth below
As we pursue our daily task,
"O what is man compared with all
God's handiwork" we sometimes ask.

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