Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Thank God for sleep, the greatest gift to man
When mind and body eased from stress and care
In deep oblivion rests new strength to gain,
To face whate'er tomorrow have to share.

How sweet is sleep a boon to weary souls,
When brain and limbs repose in peaceful rest,
Some from their daily grind and honest toil,
And some from anxious care and daily stress.

How sweet to lie relaxed in quiet rest
Until the weary eyelids gently steep,
Then drift away to dream in slumber land,
'Til wakened once again from restful sleep.

How sweet the slumber of a little child,
So cherubic and radiant she beams;
Their gentle breathing like wee zehyrs flow
And nothing to disturb their little dreams.

How sweet to rest when all around is still,
And moonbeams through the curtains gently sweep,
Then fall asleep, knowing that all is well,
And God above will guard us while we sleep.

May, 1951

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