Thursday, May 31, 2007


Whene'er the carnival comes to town
Each summer to the camping ground,
then folks each evening far and near,
Strolls forth to patronize the fair.

If you're a man with goodly means
With spare cash jingling in your jeans;
The carnival is quite a show
Where you may spend your surplus "dough".

Perchance you'll win a kewpie doll,
That's better than no prize at all;
Or if your luck's not up to par,
Maybe you'll get a chocolate bar.

Try shooting birdies on the move,
And see how well your aim improve;
The fish pond too I know you'll try,
But what you catch will be small fry.

Then ride upon the ferris wheel,
You'll be surprised how young you'll feel;
Now up, now down, around you go,
It's the best fun of all the show.

You'll mix and mingle midst the din
In hopes a super prize you'll win;
And if you lose, or if you've won,
The carnival is lots of fun.

April, 1950

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