Wednesday, May 9, 2007


"I'm going away" the Master said,
His disciples then were sad;
Their hearts would grieve if He should leave,
the best Friend that they had.

"But when I go" He then explained,
"A Comforter I'll send,
Be of good cheer, He will be near,
And prove a worthy Friend."

"I'm going away", these few small words
Oft' causes pangs of grief,
An aching void is felt inside,
And nothing brings relief.

Some partings often makes it hard
For those who have to stay,
And carry on with loved ones gone
Throughout each lonely day.

"I'm going home" the Master said
"To prepare a place for you,
And when ye come I'll be at home,
Then our circle we'll renew."

"I'm going home"; a different phrase
From what was used before;
When safe at home, no more we'll roam
And partings will be o'er.

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