Monday, May 28, 2007


Lilacs blooming in the springtime
Sheds their beauty far and near,
Bursting out in wild profusion,
So fragrant on the morning air.

By the quiet parks and hedges,
And the rural country side,
In the dell and verdant valleys
Lilacs blossom far and wide.

When the Spring expands its beauty
Songbirds warble a melody,
Basking in the golden sunshine,
Nesting in a lilac tree.

Through the winding paths and byways,
And down lovers lane is seen
Lilac plumes waving a welcome,
Blending with the foliage green.

Spring enchants us with its beauty,
Drest in nature's gar so fair,
Tinting earth's fair land with colour,
Spreading bouquets everywhere.

March, 1950

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