Tuesday, May 1, 2007


Within your home please keep this scroll
Hung on the wall throughout the year,
And as your plans each morn unfold,
You may recite this simple prayer.

Our Father, bless this house each day,
As we our daily course pursue;
And may we all Thy Will obey
In everything we plan, or do.

Make our abode a happy home,
Where all is love and harmony;
Where strife or quarrels never come,
And keep from harm and dangers free.

Help us our daily griefs to bear,
Each others faults, quick to forgive;
May we give thanks for joys we share,
And for our bread by which we live.

What e'er our daily task may be,
However humble be our lot;
May each and every one agree
To be content, and murmur not.

May we be spared from day to day
To carry on, and do our best,
And may we all in some small way,
Show forth our love, and thankfulness.



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