Thursday, May 24, 2007


When winter grips with icy hand,
And Jack Frost roams the forest deep,
Tall stalwart trees like sentinels stand
In silence while Dame Nature sleeps.

At night the silent forest snaps,
The snowshoe rabbit hops around,
And pine tops don their snowy caps
As white show flakes comes whirling down.

A gay woodpecker's loud tattoo
Re-echoes in the early light,
The old horned owl's weird, "Whoo whoo"
Disturbs the silence of the night.

The stars like lamps hang in the sky,
And northern lights dart to and fro,
As clouds obscure the moon on high
Dark shadows flit across the snow.

The slumbering rivers overflow
When spring at last breaks winter's chain,
And on their banks thick willows grow
Where songbirds warble their refrain.

Winter, 1949

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