Wednesday, May 16, 2007


In the gloaming as the twilight shadows fall o'er vale and hill,
At summertime when days are long and warm,
The tinkling of a cow bells floats o'er the air so still,
There's peace at eventide around the farm.

The lowing cattle gathers 'neath the trees beside the road,
O'er head the night hawk causes no alarm;
The farmer wends his way towards the place of his abode,
His day of toil is over on the farm.

And when the moon resplendent smiles on the earth below,
The scare crow in the pasture waves an arm;
As crickets chirps merrily, and dancing fire flies glow,
The elves and fairies frolic on the farm.

When another day is dawning as it always did before,
The rooster crows so loudly in the barn,
In the east the sun arises and nature is astir once more,
As another day begins around the farm.

January, 1948

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