Thursday, May 24, 2007


The white robed clouds drifts slowly on
Beneath heaven's vault of azure blue,
Majestical they sail along
To other worlds beyond our view.

Whene'er the sun is sinking low
Amidst a flaming western sky,
It tints the landscape with its glow and
Headland, spire, and mountains high.

An evening rainbow's brilliant hue,
What other beauty can compare?
A symbol of God's covenant true,
And that tomorrow will be fair.

The borealis in the north,
Mysterious are these northern lights,
With dazzling speed they sallies forth
To meet the challenge of the night.

The stars like lamps hang ot by ight,
And all along the Milky Way
On wintry nights they sparkle bright
Until the dawning of the day.

A flaming sunset, evening star,
White fleecy clouds, a rainbow's hue;
What awe inspiring sights they are,
I think they're wonderful, don't you?

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