Thursday, May 24, 2007


When we are ill, or in distress,
And lying helpless, feeling low,
We're apt to murmur and complain,
And cry "None other has such woe";

Then let us think and ponder well,
And count the many friends we know,
Then we will likely think of one
Who has a harder drill to hoe.

When we are sad or sore perplexed,
When worries seem to haunt us so,
And troubles always cross our path
In every walk of life we go;

Then may we try and do our best
To bear our load 'though steps be slow,
Ad if we stager 'neath its weight,
We're not the first to stumble so.

Then when the clouds are rolled away,
And skies are blue, soft breezes blow,
May we enjoy each day of life
While living on this earth below;

And if the ordeals of the past
Have made us strong to face the foe,
May we gives thanks for renewed strength,
And pray for weaker folks we know.

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