Friday, May 18, 2007


When the dawn of day approaching,
Lightens up the eastern sky,
And the morning star is fading,
Signifying day is nigh;
All creation joins in praise
With the sun's first cheering rays.

When the scorching sun at noon day
From on high is shining down,
Waking every pulse of nature
Wheresoever life abound;
Then creation lifts its eyes
To'ards the source of life's supplies.

When the toils of day is over,
And the sun sinks in the west,
When each flower folds up its petals,
And the birds retire to rest;
Then as light of day grows dim
Song birds chant their vesper hymn.

When the midnight moon is beaming,
And the busy world is still,
And the moonlight shadows playing
Hide and seek o'er dale and hill;
Then creation through the night
Keeps its vigil 'till the light.

October, 1947

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