Thursday, May 17, 2007


Spring is the season when rebirth
appears, and Nature's unseen hand
Renews with life the quickened earth,
And spreads rare beauty o'er the land.

Then Summer's rain and glowing sun
Matures vast fields of waving grain;
And culminates what Spring begun
As Autumn follows in its train.

At Autumn, harvesting begin
With reaper, and with threshing mill,
And Summer crops are garnered in
As days grow short and nights grow chill.

Then Winter comes with icy breath,
And blankets earth with fallen snow,
Then nature sleeps secure beneath
'Til wakened by the Spring's warm glow.

The seasons all throughout the year,
Each hath their own appointed place,
And each an allotted role to bear,
As earth keeps rolling on in space.

May, 1950


Anonymous said...

Very well written

Anonymous said...

i agree