Thursday, May 10, 2007


The enchanted islands of the blest
Lies in untroubled seas,
A haven where there's no unrest,
And every prospect please.
I know not where these islands lie,
They may be east or west,
But yet in fancy oft I spy
These islands of the blest.

Tall fronded palms wave in the air,
And birds in chorus sing
With babbling brooks and flowers fair,
And every day is spring.
Soft breezes waft o'er hill and vale,
Sweet fragrance fills the breast,
And there no woe or cares assail
These islands of the blest.

The sunlit waters of the sea
Lies rippling by the strand,
And romping children in their glee
Plays on the golden sand.
They know no terrors or alarm,
For there no foes molest
In that fair land of magic charm,
These islands of the blest.

November, 1947