Monday, May 28, 2007


When the days seem long and dreary,
And we murmur and complain;
As we look for hours of sunshine,
But instead we find the rain;

'Though the heavens be o'er-shadowed,
And dark clouds obscure the sky,
There is still a silver lining
For the sun still shines on high.

When we meet with some perplextion,
And our worries press us sore,
As we wonder what tomorrow has
For us in future's store;

Then may we have hope and courage
That will banish inward fear,
For worries that upset us most
Seldom do they appear.

When our cares they weigh so heavy,
And the way of life seems hard,
As temptations gather 'round us
To catch us off our guard;

Then let us all endeavour
To try and do our best,
For the world will still have troubles
After we are laid to rest.

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