Friday, May 18, 2007


The old farm looked quiet and peaceful,
The sun shone so brightly each day,
With butterflies, bees and the crickets
So beautiful, busy and gay.

Amongst them there was a grasshopper
Who felt so discouraged and worn,
He couldn't keep pace with his neighbors,
And wished that he never was born.

Quoth he, "I am weary with working,
And hopping and jumping each day,
I think I'll hop out of this country
And seek fairer fields far away.

He told all his cousins and neighbours,
The bumble bee, beetles and gnats,
They wished him good luck on his venture,
And bade him adieu with regrets.

Said the old gobbler as he was passing,
"You're going away Sir I see",
He opened his mouth as the hopper he jumped,
The first hop he landed in Turkey.

August, 1950

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