Thursday, May 17, 2007


How changing are the scenes of life,
How variant are each day;
Success and failure, hopes and fears
We meet along life's way.
We know not what our future holds,
Nor would we wish to see
The distant scenes which lies ahead,
And moulds our destiny.

The ever shifting sands of time
Our footprints oft times hide,
And fond ambitions, cherished hopes
Are often swept aside.
Changes and chances through the years
have been since time began,
And in the scheme of things we see
The frailty of man.

On wings of flight the days rush by,
The fleeting months roll on,
And soon out o'er the crest of time
Another year has flown.
Life's changing scenes will ever be
Until life's day decline,
So through the days that lies ahead,
Let's take one at a time.

July, 1949

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