Saturday, May 12, 2007


If I had wings as an eagle,
O'er unknown seas I'd soar,
Beyond the blue horizon,
To some undiscovered shore.
I'd fold my wings at twilight,
And end my ventured flight,
Where the golden hues of morning
Extends to the blue of night.

This virgin land I would possess,
And call it by some name,
With just the fairies hovering near
To hear me press my claim.
And in that quiet solitude,
In a land that's all unknown,
I'd reign supreme for just a day,
A king, but all alone.

And when my stay would terminate,
Then homeward I'd repair,
To hear again the traffic's din,
And factory whistles blare.
But I would think of that fair land
That once I called my own,
And where I ruled for one short day,
A king without a throne.

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