Monday, March 26, 2007


How sweet the memories of the past
When we were young and free,
And every day was just the same,
The time passed merrily.

How sweet is sleep when tired limbs,
And brain repose to rest;
Some from their hard and honest toil,
And some from care and stress.

How sweet the sunshine, and the air
After the summer rain,
So we ourselves finds sweet relief
In pleasure after pain.

How sweet is health, and strength each day
To do our daily task,
A quiet mind, a peaceful home,
What more have we to ask.

How sweet to live in a peaceful land
Secure from war's alarms,
And lay us down in peace each night
With neither fear, or harm.

How sweet to have a hearth and home
Though poor our lot may be;
And share each others joys and griefs,
Dwelling in harmony.

How sweet to have a steadfast faith
In a better world to come,
And live each day in simple trust
Until our course is run.

How sweet if we live to grow old
Though memory's not the best,
To have a sane and quiet mind,
And later, peaceful rest.

August, 1943

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