Tuesday, March 27, 2007


When the melting snow of winter
Rushes down the mountain steep,
Old man river starts a rampage
Like a giant 'roused from sleep.

Soon it's whirling, seething swirling,
Swollen by the spring tide rain,
Bearing debris on it's bosom,
Gathering speed none can retain.

O'er a cataract it crashes
With a roar heard far and wide,
Winds it's way through hills and valleys
With momentum in it's stride.

Through the canyon steep it races,
Heeding not the echo's roar,
Down the gorge and through the woodland,
On towards the ocean's shore.

When at last it's race is ended,
And the sea impedes it's pace,
It is swallowed up forever
In the ocean's vast embrace.

November, 1947

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