Thursday, March 29, 2007


The careless man is quick to plan,
But put things off from day to day,
And as time flies he seldom tries
To do his chores without delay.

As time goes by you'll hear him cry,
"Some day when I'll have less to do,
I'll mend that chair that need repair,
And make it almost good as new."

Until one day that chair gives way
Beneath his heavy avoirdupois,
It's only good for firewood
As on the floor a wreck it lies.

A stitch in time saves eight or nine.
Time never waits for anyone,
Let's never shirk our daily work
And take delight in jobs well done.

Time that's well spent oft' brings content
To him who plys his daily toil,
and little things so often brings
Delight to know it was worth while.

January, 1948

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