Tuesday, March 27, 2007


What funny folk we humans are
With all our different moods and ways,
Some likes the weather when it's cold,
While others like nice summer days.
And some they like the city life,
Others prefer a one horse town,
Some love to travel 'round the world
While others like to settle down.

In winter time it gets too cold,
Oftimes we shiver and complain,
In summer time we wipe our brow,
And wish that it was cold again.
Some people try to put on weight,
And others diet to keep it down;
Some like to live in peace at home
While others like to travel 'round.

Some always has a lot to tell,
But others haven't much to say,
Some find real pleasure in their work,
While others watch the clock all day.
And so it goes from day to day,
I guess it is as it should be,
If everyone were just alike,
Think how monotonous life would be.

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