Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Dear Sister - here's a little poem
I dedicate to you,
And may it find you in the pink
And not be feeling blue.
I hope your family all are well
And hubby feeling fine,
And when sometime you think of me
I hope you drop a line.

I never shall forget the past
When we were young and free,
I still can hear your laugh and shout
You were so full of glee.
And when I played a trick on you
Or teased your cat, then run,
Oh you were a good natured kid
You took it all in fun.

So many years has passed since then
And changes there has been,
And we are living far apart
With many miles between.
But maybe at some future date
If what you say is true,
A year or two, and then perhaps
I will be seeing you.

Photo: Helen (Frampton) Stone, sister of George Frampton

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