Wednesday, March 28, 2007


The master artist plans His work with care,
And blends bright colours in each landscape fair;
He tints the blushing rose and daffodil,
And beautifies each fragrant lily bell.

No earthly artist can with brush display
A glowing sunset at the close of day,
As he who paints each cloud with magic wand,
And radiates it's charm o'er sea and land.

Behold the rainbow in the evening sky,
Such radiant beauty meets the human eye,
It's arch is tinted with bright colours rare,
That spreads a halo o'er our earthly sphere.

The starry firmament a winter's night,
Shines like a million diamonds, sparkling bright;
The panorama of the Milky Way
Shows forth His handiwork in grand display.

When oak and maple dons their autumn dress,
We seek His work in nature at it's best,
A blaze of colour spreads o'er the woodland
In grandeur unsurpassed by human hand.

It fills us with new hope whene'er we see
The beauty of a flower or maple tree,
Then with our faith renewed we onward plod,
And challenge those who say there is no God.

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