Monday, March 26, 2007


I know a winsom little girl
Just two years old; not three,
She has the cutest little curl,
Her name is Valerie.

Her birthday comes this time each year,
When signs of spring we see,
It give good cheer when spring is near,
And also Valerie.

As early dew drops in the sun,
Or on a budding tree,
Her eyes they sparkle in her fun
Vivacious Valerie.

She trots around the house at play
As busy as a bee,
And chatters all the livelong day,
The toddler Valerie.

She has a smile for young and old
Including you and me,
I doubt if all her weight in gold
Would buy Miss Valerie.

May she grow up to womanhood,
From every snare kept free,
And like her parents always good,
Young winsome Valerie

March 23, 1949
(Valerie's Birthday)

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