Friday, March 30, 2007


A little girl sat deep in thought,
Paper and pencil in each hand;
At last in serious mood she wrote,
"Dear Santa Claus" her note began.

"I'm writing you to say that if
You haven't dolls enough to share
With every little girl, then please
Don't bring a doll to me this year."

"Just down our street ten doors away
Where the big elm tree grows so tall,
There is a little orphan girl
Who haven't any doll at all."

"So if you please dear Santa Claus,
Bring her a doll, one that will cry,
And go to sleep when lying down,
When on our street you're passing by."

And when her father read the note
Scrawled by a little hand so small,
Said he, "I'll tell old Santa Claus
To bring that little girl a doll."

And in that house on Christmas morn
Where the big elm tree grows so tall,
A little girl was thrilled with joy,
Because she owned a sleeping doll.

Christmas, 1944

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