Monday, March 26, 2007


Beyond the blue horizon
Where the ocean meets the sky,
To a land of peace and beauty
Oftimes I fain would fly,
Where palm trees wave a welcome,
And bluebirds chant their lay,
And laughing brooks in chorus
Rolls merrily on their way.

Where the sun in all it's glory
Sets in a flaming sky,
An early morning sunlight
Glints on tall mountains high;
Where sloping fields in colour
Reaches the flowing stream,
Where anglers sit in patience
All day and idly dream.

There is heard no note or discord,
No clamor, strife or stress,
Where Sabbath days are holy
And observed as days of rest;
Where is heard no sad lamenting,
No unkind words are said,
and the balm of love's affection
Anoints the weary bed.

I know there is no country
'Neath heaven's high vault as this,
Yet in fancy oft I wander
In a land of earthly bliss.

March, 1949

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