Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Let us go on our vacation,
And enjoy a relaxation
Far from the busy city's noisy throng,
Out among the open spaces
Where we'll see no worried faces,
And be happy as the summer days are long.

By some foaming whirling eddy,
Or a purling brook or steadie
We'll fish for trout in running brook or stream,
As we land the speckled beauties,
We'll forget our cares and duties,
And wonder if it isn't all a dream.

Lying 'neath the leafy bowers
We will bask in sunlight hours,
Gazing up where fleecy clouds drifts on,
Or at night when stars are gleaming
If we're not asleep or dreaming,
We may hear the noisy bullfrog in the pond.

We may scan some sunlit mountain
Or bathe in a cooling fountain,
And hear the passing storm in tree tops roar,
And by watching nature's teachers
Different birds and living creatures,
We may learn something we never knew before.

In the early morning hours
If it threatens rain or showers,
We will just relax and fall asleep again,
And if rain drops loudly patter
On the roof it will not matter,
We'll forget about our troubles and the rain.

It will be a grand vacation
For a man of any station
To enjoy the passing moments of each day,
And when winter gales are whining,
When at home he's safe reclining,
He'll be telling how the big one got away.

March, 1944

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