Tuesday, March 27, 2007


The mantel clock sits on the shelf,
It's pedestal for many a day,
From morn 'til eve, and through the night
It ticks the passing hours away.

When all the house is hushed and still,
And midnight hour is past and gone,
The mantel clock it slumbers not,
And through the silent night ticks on.

And as the silent hours drags on
Towards the dawn of a new day,
I listens to that mantel clock,
And this is what it seems to say.

"My hands are moving 'round and 'round,
They never rests by day or night;
Each minute I have to be on time
So that each hour will come just right."

"I'm always faithful to my trust,
And on the hour I sound my gong,
Reminding you the whole day through
That time is always marching on."

And when at last through weariness
My tired eyelids gently steep,
All through the night the faithful clock
Will keep it's vigil while I sleep.

February, 1947

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