Thursday, March 29, 2007


"Bow wow wow" barked the old watch dog,
"I guard this place at night,
When prowling thieves comes snooping 'round
I puts them all to flight."

"Meow, meow" purred the tabby cat,
"I'm the most important one,
I chase the thieving mice away,
And keeps them on the run."

"Cock a doodle doo" crowed the rooster,
"Hear what I have to say;
I awake you all in the early morn,
And you don't sleep in all day."

"Cluck, cluck" clucked the little white hen
As she pecked at a grain of corn,
"My master has a nice fresh egg
For his breakfast every morn."

The farmer then came on the scene,
He listened to each one,
He gave the cat a dish of milk,
To the dog he threw a bone.

To the chickens all he threw some corn,
And then they heard him say,
"You all are useful around this place,
Each in a different way."

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