Tuesday, March 27, 2007


One morning I heard my wife say,
This will be my shopping day;
There's some pretty cotton on
I must get before it's gone.

Later on I heard her say;
I must start my quilt today;
I have got a pattern new,
And some pretty cotton too.

Soon I heard her scissors snip
As she shaped each little bit;
Then she sorted it so true,
A bit of red, and a bit of blue.

Oh, what patience she has got,
And I know she needs a lot,
As she sewed each little bit
To the piece that it should fit.

Then one day some ladies came
When she had it in the frame,
And 'twas plain as A, B, C,
We would have a quilting bee.

Soon they stitched, and as they sat,
Talked of this, and talked of that;
All was happy as could be
When we had that quilting bee.

When the job it was well done,
My wife thanked them everyone;
Then she made us all some tea,
And that ended the quilting bee.

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