Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Hail Canada; They name is manifest,
Thy vast Dominion of the west
Behooves us all with thankfulness
To laud this land of freedom.

In bygone years brave pioneers
Transformed this land by sweat and tears,
And left to us as rightful heirs
This land of hope and freedom.

Truly a favoured people we
That dwells within they boundary,
And shares a nation's liberty
In this our land of freedom.

From ocean unto ocean's strand,
Both east and west through all the land,
Nature bestows with bounteous hand
A fruitful land of freedom.

Rich mineral in thy bosom lies,
Broad prairies yield their vast supplies,
No other nation dare despise
This land of wealth and freedom.

With freedom for our guiding light,
May we for freedom's cause unite,
Let no-one dare dispute our right
To love our land of freedom.

May, 1950


D.Frampton said...

It was nice finding my great grandfathers poetry on the internet. It is nicer reading it here with the photos you have added . I have the original book with the yellow cover given to my grandparents Kane and Lillian by L Ethel in 1973. My dad's name was Derek and my sister's names are Lee, Karan and Joanna.


It is so nice to hear from you. My mother, Nina, typed the original book on a manual typewriter and had it bound herself. I didn't appreciate the work she put into it at the time, but realize it was a huge job.

I remember Kane and Lil - Kane being my mother's uncle.